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Joseph Allegrini

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j_allegrini.jpgBorn in Hershey, Penn., Joe graduated from Hershey High School and joined the Marine Corps. Following a 20-year career in law enforcement, Joe joined the Lower Paxton Police Department and eventually took on the roles of detective, juvenile officer, and member of the Dauphin County SWAT Team. Although he loved his job, Joe’s lifelong passion was helping community youth develop positive attitudes and community spirit through serving others.

Joe’s involvement in the Children’s Resource Center (CRC) began in 2004 with the program’s creation. He identified projects that would work well with the CRC and would challenge further involvement from community members. His largest impact is seen in the creation of the Reading Heroes program. 
The Reading Heroes program, targeted for middle school students, combined encouraging a love of reading with the power of community awareness of child abuse. Joe presented impassioned assemblies to school students by challenging them to read books and then identifying local businesses to sponsor the student readers. 
Funds raised from this program benefit PinnacleHealth Children’s Resource Center to continue its work as a collaborative community response to child abuse in Central Pennsylvania. More importantly, the message Joe conveyed to hundreds of school students was to help others and be mindful of those who may be suffering from abuse. He stressed that small acts of kindness and volunteerism can, and do, make a difference. And he also encouraged the enrichment of adolescent minds and hearts through the Reading Heroes program.
Joe had a positive spirit that lives on today in all who had the pleasure and opportunity to know and work with him. He touched countless lives through his dedication to making sure everyone felt special and included. In his lifetime of service and generosity, Joe Allegrini made our community a much better place.