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Surgical Skills Lab

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The PinnacleHealth System Surgical Skills Lab is meeting the needs of training surgical residents. Effective July 2012 all surgical residencies will be required, by The American College of Surgeons, to incorporate a Surgical Skills Lab into their curriculum. PinnacleHealth has already met the demand.

We are following the recommended curriculum set forth by the ACS and expanding and adapting as necessary to meet the needs of our residents; thereby, improving the patient experience at PinnacleHealth. A collaborative effort, employing a multidisciplinary approach, to teach surgical skills in a zero risk environment gives our residents unprecedented hands on surgical training. The lab is available 24/7 to our residents and faculty. Residents can receive expert instruction from our Surgical Faculty, have time to practice the desired skill, and then be evaluated by the faculty on that particular skill. The Surgical Faculty and support staff at PinnacleHealth are committed to the highest standards of training that will lead to optimal patient outcomes.

Our computerized laparoscopic and endoscopic trainers are instrumental for residents to develop skills in a controlled stress free environment. Our multi facility education department includes other modules that address simulated critical care situations using a computerized patient. Airway management and code approaches are introduced and practiced. Throughout the curriculum, residents are evaluated and feedback is instantaneous.

Medical students will learn correct sterile technique, patient safety practices, communication tools, suture handling and knot tying.

The Skills Lab is also available to any practicing surgeon, who would like to develop a new skill, refine a skill he/she already possesses or obtain CME’s through the FLS training modules.

Residents will have valuable hands-on experience with the Skills Labs simulators, including:

  • AccuTouch Endoscopy Simulator
  • One FLS trainer
  • 2 LapTrainers with SimuVision
  • Lap Mentor laparoscopic Simulator
  • Central Line Simulator