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Career Development Pathway

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The Career Development Pathway (CDP) is a four level progressive pathway established in 2003 by a committee of PinnacleHealth nurses to promote career advancement for the bedside Registered Nurse.

What is the Career Development Pathway?

The CDP recognizes and rewards RNs who have expanded the depth and breadth of their clinical practice. The CDP incorporates evidence-based practice standards from the synergy model1 and nursing theory to provide a framework for nursing excellence.

Who is eligible for the CDP?

The CDP is available to all regular full time and part time staff RNs involved in direct patient care who have successfully completed unit orientation, received a satisfactory performance review and are not in the corrective action process. To advance on the pathway, nurses must submit a portfolio describing their proficiency, as well as successfully interview with the CDP Committee. A CDP coach will mentor nurses throughout the process.

Where do I find out more information on CDP?

Information to help guide you through the process of applying to the CDP can be found on thePinnacleHealth Intranet under Nursing Services/Career Development or by clicking on the links below:

CDP Committee:

CDP Portfolio:

CDP Interview:


CDP Coaches:

CDP RN as Education Champion:

If you need additional information, please call the Executive Secretary in Nursing Administration at (717) 782-5437 who will refer you to a member of the Career Development Pathway Committee.
1 Curley, M.A. (1998). Patient-nurse synergy: patients’ outcomes.
American Journal of Critical Care, 7(1), 64-72.

8 Attributes of the CDP RN

  • Clinical Judgment
  • Advocacy
  • Caring Practices
  • Collaboration
  • Systems Thinking
  • Response to Diversity
  • Clinical Inquiry
  • Facilitator of Learning/Patient and Family Educator

2013 CDP Chair ~ Cathy Schneck,