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For Medical Professionals > Employee Services > Employee Recognition-Mary Jo Albright
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Employee Recognition-Mary Jo Albright

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Mary Jo is an IV Therapist working nights at Harrisburg Hospital. She is being recognized for her excellent skills, compassion for the patient, and as a team player. 

Stacia Basom, a nurse from N10, submitted the following nomination: "Mary Jo has always gone above and beyond in trying to assist with insertion of a new IV or replacement in a very efficient manner. She attempted insertion on many patients that other IV RNs, RNs, or other medical staff have deemed "impossible of sticking" for a peripheral site and succeeded. This puts a decrease in the amount of time it takes to medicate these patients to achieve a comfortable level for themselves." 
Though there is only one IV team RN on during any given night, Mary Jo is always quick to respond to pages as well as to arrive where needed unless already working on an emergent issue. Additionally, she offers assistance with patient care. Stacia states that Mary Jo "deserves recognition from all RNs on night shift for excelling in her job and going beyond!"
Mary Jo's family includes her husband and five children. In addition to caring for that active clan, she enjoys paper crafts and volunteers time at the Ronald McDonald house using crafts as a diversion for those staying at the facility.
Thank you, Mary Jo, for all you do.