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For Medical Professionals > Employee Services > CDP - Why should I apply for 3 or 4?
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CDP - Why should I apply for 3 or 4?

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Career advancement is a core value in the Nursing Charter for PinnacleHealth. It is the philosophy of the CDP to recognize and reward nursing excellence in each of the four key areas: 


The bedside RN is pivotal to the outcome of patient care. Furthering the expertise of the RN affects and improves patient outcomes. 


The success of every nurse at every level is supported. Career advancement empowers every nurse to flourish to his/her highest potential. 

Healthy Work Environment

Safe quality care, active involvement and leadership skills are integral to sound nursing as well as healthy environments. The pathway encourages the RN to advance the practice and professionalism of nursing. 


The importance of nursing excellence is recognized by peers and administration. The CDP validates the worth, experience, loyalty and positive contribution
of each professional nurse. As a Magnet organization, the CDP helps nurses to demonstrate commitment to the Domains of Magnetism. 


Registered Nurses at Levels 3 and 4 receive color designated pins, a certificate of achievement and financial compensation according to the practice level. Renewal is required every three years for nurses at Levels 3 and 4. The CDP compensation is separate and distinct from the performance review process and the certification bonus.