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CDP-Description of Levels

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RN Level 1 

  • New graduate
  • Inexperienced with bedside hospital nursing
  • Returning to nursing
  • Experienced RN, but changing specialty
  • Dependent on review of policy and procedures to provide nursing care
  • Dependent on preceptors or resource nurse
  • Committee observer

RN Level 2 

  • Independent
  • Completion of unit-specific orientation
  • Positive performance evaluation
  • Experienced with nursing
  • Able to cope and manage clinical nursing
  • Narrow focused
  • Feeling of mastery with routine clinical situations; supervision required in new clinical experience
  • Can be preceptor
  • Active with unit development
  • Data collector for research
  • Education consumer
  • Contributes to the healthy work/care environment

RN Level 3 

  • Proficient
  • Self-directed
  • Focused critical thinking skills/ clinical decision making
  • Takes initiative to identify problems and pursue solutions
  • Obvious use of process, evaluates decision on basis of outcome/process
  • Strives to make a positive difference in the PinnacleHealth System
  • Charge, preceptor, mentor
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Active committee participant
  • Takes initiative to identify and collaborate with regard to practice concerns by utilizing the research process or evidence-based practice process
  • 360o education (receives and gives to colleagues)
  • Holds certification in specialty
  • Membership in any professional nursing organization
  • Contributes to the healthy work/care environment
  • Resource and leader

RN Level 4 

  • Consultant to colleagues outside of own unit
  • Obvious, active promotion of system mission, vision, values
  • Unit committee leader, system committee participant or active participant in a professional nursing organization
  • Bachelor’s degree or actively working toward Bachelor’s degree is required. BSN preferred but Bachelor’s degree in any other field accepted
  • Investigator, data analyzer for research or active participant in all phases of evidence-based practice project
  • Sustains long-term mentoring role
  • Membership in any professional nursing organization
  • Contributes to the healthy work/care environment