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Share in Your Care

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Your health and safety needs are very important to us at PinnacleHealth. These are a few of the things that we are doing to help prevent complications in your care:

  • Frequent hand washing – don’t be afraid to ask us to wash our hands prior to contact.
  • Follow procedure specific Antibiotic protocols.
  • Scrub and/or clip surgical site.
  • Monitor and control blood sugar.
  • Provide DVT(deep vein thrombosis) prevention through SCD (sequential compression device) stockings and anti-clotting medications.
  • Utilize universal precautions (wear gloves to prevent spread of bacteria and blood born pathogens).
We ask that you and your family and friends actively help us to make your hospital visit free of complications by participating in your care. We ask that you SPEAK UP, remind those who care for you to wash their hands, ask your friends and loved ones not to visit if they are sick or have colds, and ask questions about anything you see or hear that you don’t understand.
Spanish Version: Participe en su atenciĆ³n