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High Tech and Comfort

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Development of the new West Shore Hospital included a major focus on patient comfort and safety. The hospital features 108 private rooms, allowing patients to feel more relaxed during inpatient care.

Some of the features of the new state-of-the-art West Shore Hospital include:

  • Noise-reducing materials that create a tranquil environment for patient recovery
  • Personal entertainment centers in each room featuring educational videos about patients’ conditions and treatments
  • Digital white boards that display pictures, names and full titles of the staff members serving patients, as well as information about the care patients are receiving
“The digital white board will give patients and their loved ones up-to-the-minute information on what to expect day in and day out as they recover from a surgical procedure or are being monitored during their stay,” says Mark Barabas, FACHE, senior vice president of Operations and chief operating officer at West Shore Hospital. “This feature will bring peace of mind to patients and families.”
  • Specialized monitoring devices designed to fit in the pockets of patients’ hospital gowns that automatically record vital signs and instantly transfer the information to the patients’ electronic medical records
“Having this sort of technology enables patients to rest without interruptions,” Barabas says. “This type of monitoring can also alert staff when patients are having respiratory or other urgent issues so staff can stabilize them quickly.”

Surgical Suites

Designed for efficiency and safety, our new surgical suites offer the latest technology to provide surgeons and patients alike with superior surgical experiences. Key features include:
  • 7 operating rooms (1 CVOR)
  • 2 endoscopy rooms
  • 1 bronchoscopy room
  • 16 pre-op bays
  • 18 PACU bays
  • Safe Situational Awareness for Everyone (SAFE) display—electronic whiteboard that will display specific patient data so the OR team is aware of key items