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Some recipes and advice offered by PinnacleHealth's weight loss experts- PennLive

During a recent session at PinnacleHealth's new Weight Loss Center kitchen, the following advice and recipes were offered.
PinnacleHealth System’s dietitians recommend celebrating summer by cooking with fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables available from local growers or grocery stores that carry local produce. You can lower calories, increase fiber and intensify the nutrients in recipes by just throwing in extra veggies.
Asparagus spears, grilled and cooled, can be added to most any salad or entrĂ©e to add extra flavor, crunch and nutrition, according to Jessica Hoffman, a registered dietitian with PinnacleHealth.
Substitute whole wheat or whole grain pasta in any recipe that requires pasta. Your guests will never notice. Or add cooked pearl barley, wheat berries, bulgur wheat or quinoa to your salad in place of pasta. The Sonoma Pasta Salad below may be made with four cups of cooked medium bulgur wheat instead of 4 cups of dry pasta.
Keep the menu simple on hot summer days. Fresh fruits and veggies can be enjoyed in simple preparations.
Hoffman suggests toasting watermelon, pineapple, peaches, apricots and pears on your barbeque grill. Just clean and oil the grates and place sliced fruit on the grill. Drizzle grilled fruit with a balsamic syrup made by placing a cup of balsamic vinegar over medium to medium-high heat and heating until the mixture reduces to half. Add a scoop of ice cream, and your dessert is good to go.
You can also cook fresh mushrooms, zucchini spears, asparagus, potatoes, sliced eggplant and peppers directly on an oiled grill. Brush with oil and sprinkle with fresh herbs. To celebrate summer, keep it simple—and nutritious!

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