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New asthma treatment clears way for better quality of life- The Sentinel

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Vickie Jones was taking several inhalers as well as an oral steroid each day just to be able to breathe comfortably.
She said her asthma had gotten so bad that she was down to working three hours a week and struggling to complete daily tasks.
“The past five years it has really gotten worse,” Jones said. “I was not able to do much of anything. ... I had a lot of bad days. ... I was having a string of bad days and maybe one good day. And the good day really wasn’t enough to do much of anything.”
When Jones had enough of taking all of those medications, she talked to her doctor about her options. The doctor told her about all of the treatments available to someone with such severe symptoms, and she inquired about bronchial thermoplasty, because it was the only one Jones hadn’t tried.
“(The doctor) just kind of off-handedly mentioned ... bronchial thermoplasty,” Jones said. “I said ‘wait, could you back up and tell me about that? I’ve never heard of that before.’”

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Jones made an appointment with Dr. Henry Ostman, of Pulmonary and Critical Care Associates, who eventually ended up doing the procedure, she said.
Ostman, who also works for PinnacleHealth, said bronchial thermoplasty is a procedural-based therapy to help people with uncontrolled asthma.