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How and why should I find a doctor? - Transforming Health

Many people don’t see a reason to visit their doctor unless they are sick. Additionally, there are many more who admit to not having a primary care physician at all.
Whatever name you choose when you think about your lifelong care—family doctor, primary care or internal medicine physician, or family care provider--establishing a relationship with this provider while you are well is very important.
The benefit of having a primary care provider (PCP) is we are the only provider who specializes in YOU, the patient, in a comprehensive manner. We do not just look at your heart or lungs or skin.  We assess all of your organ systems.  And, our focus goes beyond your physical well-being and considers your psychological and social conditions, too. PCPs are trained to help you prevent problems, rather than waiting until you develop symptoms. We also are skilled in helping to manage a wide range of chronic medical and psychiatric conditions, as well as acute issues such as colds, diarrhea, minor trauma and rashes.

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