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An effective community health infrastructure is the impetus to promote health and wellness and to mobilize community partners to better address community health needs and priorities.  
Working with the Hospital & Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania, Ms. Terry will provide a continuum of community health consultation services that aligns the health system mission, health needs and public health services:
  • Provide coaching and expertise to health system leaders to spearhead the development of a community health infrastructure.
  • Build a shared understanding of community health need assessment approaches, community engagement tactics, dissemination of community health needs data and identification of community assets and resources.
  • Build a community health inventory of available services and resources.
  • Direct the design and establishment of appropriate policies, practices and processes related to community health, community benefit tracking and aligned with the health system’s strategic plan.
  • Develop a community health needs implementation plan that aligns health system goals, health need imperatives and community organization roles.  
  • Build commitment and image of the health system among diverse constituencies and the broader community.