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Mission Effectiveness Consulting Services

Your Partners for Community Health Assessment, Planning and Strategy


Barbara Terry - Recipient of the Joseph M. Capital Award for Spirit of Capital Region Award from the United Way of the Captial Region

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For more information, please contact Barbara Terry:
(717) 231-8216

Why Your Organization Needs to Think About Community Assessment, Planning & Strategy:

  • Meet IRS requirement for non-profit hospitals to conduct a community health needs assessment to avoid $50,000 penalty
  • Meet the true needs of your community
  • Maintain tax exempt status
  • Refine strategic focus

PinnacleHealth Mission Effectiveness Consulting Services is designed to help organizations build community health infrastructures for conducting community health needs assessments, implement comprehensive community benefit tracking protocols and develop evidence based and measurable community health implementation plans and strategies.  
Meticulous scrutiny on the part of the government regarding healthcare tax exemption and community benefit is on the rise. Health care organizations must not only deliver care, but must demonstrate evidence of care and services rendered to the community.  
Located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Mission Effectiveness Consulting Services has a significant advantage with Barbara Terry at the helm. Ms. Terry has exceptional statewide, national and international experience in the arenas of community health, performance improvement and hospital administration.

PinnacleHealth's CEO, Mike Young, stated, "If you are not looking at this, you will lose your tax exemption. With cities and states in financial distress, hospitals and healthsystems are being aggessively targetted to contribute more significant financial support to rescue our troubled government, state and national deficits.   This will be a strong piece of your defense." 

Barbara J. Terry

Terry_BarbaraBarbara J. Terry, Vice President, Mission Effectiveness for PinnacleHealth System, has exceptional and formidable statewide, national and international experience in the arenas of community health, performance improvement and hospital administration.  

Formerly as President and CEO of the Institute for Healthy Communities, Ms. Terry led the development of nearly 100 community-based partnerships and assisted over 200 hospitals/health systems across the commonwealth in their efforts to improve health based on a mission to serve as a catalyst for creating, linking, and supporting community-based partnerships that work to improve the health and quality of life in Pennsylvania. 

Ms. Terry has also provided consultation to a host of nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses in areas of governance development, community health improvement and performance excellence.