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Cultural Diversity

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Each year PinnacleHealth provides services to more than a half million patients of many nationalities, ethnic backgrounds and cultures. The employees of our organization also reflect the multiracial, multicultural, multiethnic communities we serve. 


The Cultural Diversity Committee was formed in 1999 to assist in creating an environment in which a diverse patient population as well as a diverse staff would be welcome in our organization. The goals of the committee include:
  • Expanding relationships with people of different cultures in the community and the organization
  • Encouraging behavior that is culturally sensitive and free from prejudice within PinnacleHealth
The committee was structured to include members who represent the various departments and services within PinnacleHealth and who reflect our diversity.


The Cultural Diversity Committee develops and introduces a variety of offerings that impact our cultural awareness and our relationships with each other and the community. The following are just some examples:
  • Culturally and ethnically diverse staff have represent PinnacleHealth at community events (e.g., First Fridays, the Onganzi Fair, Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations).
  • Recruiters from Human Resources attend recruiting fairs and job fairs that focus on diverse or minority populations.
  • Cultural diversity training is included in the Leadership Training Series.
  • Articles on various topics, including cultural observances and special events, are regularly published in employee newsletters.
  • Cultural diversity training is included as a segment of new employee orientation.
  • A self-study module of the cultural diversity portion of new employee orientation has been developed. This resource includes the video “Diversity: Food for Thought” along with supporting materials that are a helpful resource for staff education.
  • Educational resources such as books and videos are identified to be included in a library of resources that will assist us in providing culturally competent healthcare services.
  • A cultural diversity site is available on the PinnacleHealth Intranet home page featuring events, calendars and other facts related to cultural diversity.