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Vato - Italian Biologist looking for an UNPAID position 5/17/2013 9:10:05 AM
Dear PinnacleHealth

First of all thank YOU for reading my thread....I hope you can help me!

I'm Vanni, I'm a Biologist of 28 years old, but I'm still looking
for a job. I must do a briefly summary: in Italy we have an Economic crysis
that will last for about other 10 years, and Biologists like me can't find a
real place to work, both in the Public (University as researcher or Hospital
as a clinician) and Private Healthcare. It's an hard time over here. So that
I decided to go away from Italy and I chose to go to U.S.A. Here come the
problems. I can't find an Istitution where I can stay as an International
traineer for a summer period or more. Well I'm not looking for money,
absolutely, only just a great experience.

Now go to the WHY I wrote to YOU.

I worked for one year as trainee in an Italian Hospital, clinical laboratory
where I develop a very good skills especially in the hematologic field. My
head physician gave me the possibility to follow the patients with
hematologic maligniances just by the blood analysis, blood smears and
counting of cells. So that I would like to improve my quolities taking a PhD
on a relative field. I know that for taking a PhD, in U.S.A., you must send
all the documents one year before you can start so that's my idea: I really
would like to assist someone at YOUR laboratory for one week, two
weeks, one month, this summer so that I can improve my Scientific English
and work in a important Research core facility and be, finally, ready to apply
for a PhD position.

I repeat, I'm not looking for money, only an UNPAID position, just a place
where I can make an amazing experience, and YOUR facility could be the best
for me. Of course I have my CV, cover letters and motivational letter if YOU ever will need them.

I hope YOU can help me

Best Regards

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HRRepresentative - RE:Italian Biologist looking for an UNPAID position 5/20/2013 2:38:57 PM
Thank you for your inquiry. We will forward this information to our management team in the laboratory to see if we have any opportunities that would match what you are looking for.  If so, we will be back in touch. Thank you very much!