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Diabetes Care
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Joanna - (9/19/2012 2:21:55 PM)
RE:diabetic foods that are kid friendly
Hey there!
Came across your post and wanted to share my ideas for you. For dessert, I know I have seen ice cream that says "no sugar added" while shopping in the freezer aisle so that's definitely something yummy that kids would enjoy eating. Also, I have seen various types of ice pops and fudge bars that say "no sugar added" as well as some "low-carb" options, so that would be something to look for! For breakfast, I personally know a diabetic child who on the weekends gets to eat french toast made with low-carb bread and it's something she looks forward to all week! But you do have to be careful with what syrup you put on the table. I recommend trying to find a "light" or " no sugar added" syrup, which I know they have at almost any grocery store, I have found it at Giant in the past.
Those are my suggestions for you, hope the sleepover goes well!