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Children’s Health
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curiousmum - children with Type I diabetes 8/7/2012 2:54:31 PM
My middle child just got diagnosed with Type I diabetes. I understand the effect of real sugar and carbohydrates in a diabetics body, but what about artificial sweeteners like Splenda, Equal, Stevia, etc?? Are they OK for him to eat? Does quantity matter?

Hoping someome can help me out! Thanks.

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PinnacleDietician - RE:children with Type I diabetes 8/9/2012 9:33:22 AM
Great question! Let me answer one part at a time.

Are they OK for him to eat?
Yes these sweeteners are safe for adults and children to use. Beware, however, that although the sweeteners themselves don’t have calories or carbohydrate, they may be added to foods that do contain calories/carbohydrates from other ingredients. An example would be diet jello is considered a free food but diet pudding would count as 15 gms. carbohydrate for a ½ cup portion because it is made with milk which has carbohydrates. So you always should read the label to see if the food item does contain calories and carbohydrates.

Does quantity matter?
Not really. When these sweeteners are tested they make sure they are not harmful when consumed at high levels before being approved as safe.

Best of luck,
Deb Gochenour, RD