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jada55 - hip replacement 9/9/2013 5:32:49 PM
are you familuar with anterior approach hip replacement? whom do I contact for information     thank you!

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BoneandJoint - RE:hip replacement 9/10/2013 11:30:45 AM
Anterior hip replacement can help to get people back to normal daily living a little bit quicker, with a little less pain.

The main difference between the anterior procedure and the standard posterior hip replacement surgery is that with the posterior hip replacement there are some muscles cut, you have to go through the back of the hip and you have to cut some muscles. The Anterior Hip Replacement is truly an interior muscular surgery, so you don’t actually cut muscles, you go between muscles, the hope being that you have a more stable hip, less tissue gets cut, and so less pain results.

Scientifically, the studies show that it’s really the first two weeks where the greatest benefit with the anterior hip replacement approach is seen. Around six or eight weeks the scientific studies don’t really show a whole lot of difference between the two procedures.  The anterior hip replacement again is for that patient who really wants to get better faster. One of the big things that people really like about it, is not having to worry about what we call hip precautions.  When in a sitting position you have to worry about your hip popping out after the posterior hip procedure. In the case of the anterior hip procedure there is very little chance of that occurring, so it makes the early part of post-surgical recovery a bit easier.

Indications really are the same as a posterior hip replacement, which is generally hip arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or a-vascular necrosis where the bone has died. Most any patient who’s a candidate for a posterior hip replacement can get an anterior procedure.

The anterior approach does not absolutely require a special surgical table, but in most instances it does make it easier. At our Community General Hospital Osteopathic Hospital we have purchased this high tech table (Hana Table) The Hana table is a special surgical table that allows the surgeon to do an anterior hip replacement and go between the muscles, it allows the surgeon move the patient’s leg in a way that is not possible on a traditional table. At Pinnacle we are very focused on quality outcomes and for that reason all of our anterior hip replacements are done at Community General.

Currently we have two surgeons performing the procedure: Scott King MD (Arlington Orthopedics) and Steve Deluca (Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania). If you have more questions you might want to visit with one or both of these surgeons.