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Non-claustrophobic MRI

If you suffer from claustrophobia PinnacleHealth understands that having an MRI can be very stressful. This is why we have options at PinnacleHealth including an MRI that is comfortable and less confining than traditional MRIs.

Improved patient comfort and exceptional image quality are a reality with the installation of the uniquely designed Philips Panorama High Field Open (HFO) MRI system at PinnacleHealth. A sweeping, nearly 360-degree open viewing angle allows patients to see outside the magnet for most studies. They can maintain reassuring visual and in some cases, even physical contact, with staff, parent, or relative. The 160-centimeter wide aperture provides a relaxing, non-claustrophobic MRI experience for all ages and sizes of patients. Image quality is never sacrificed. The Panorama’s powerful high field open magnet provides the MRI signal equivalent of most closed (cylindrical) MRI systems, delivering high-resolution images. Philips Panorama HFO has been designed with the customer in mind and offers excellent patient comfort and access, particularly for children, elderly patients, clinically obese, and those suffering from painful sports injuries.

For more information on Open MRI at PinnacleHealth, speak with your physician. If you have a physician’s order for an MRI and would like to schedule one in our Open MRI system, call (717) 230-3700 or toll-free 1-866-455-9729.