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Wound Care

The PinnacleHealth Wound and Hyperbaric Center with hyperbaric oxygen therapy capabilities is devoted to the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of chronic wounds.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Originally used to treat divers with the “bends,” hyperbaric oxygen therapy provides a unique healing technique for wounds – as you breathe in oxygen in elevated atmospheric pressure, more oxygen is delivered to your tissue. Increased oxygen cultivates new tissue growth.

Don’t be intimidated; the process is easy.

Before your treatment, you will be asked to put on a 100 percent cotton gown and make sure you have no make-up, hairspray or jewelry on.  Next, you’ll recline in the transparent oxygen chamber, which is constantly monitored by our trained technicians. A phone allows communication at any time. You can even watch your favorite TV show during treatment or take a snooze.

Contact Us

  • (717) 791-2440 (West Shore)

  • (717) 671-2050 (East Shore)


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