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Diabetes Education and Prevention

By properly managing diabetes, you may be able prevent or slow the development of diabetes-related complications. PinnacleHealth offers a variety of programs designed to help you learn more about the disease and how you can manage it. Friends and family members are always welcome to come with you to any of our diabetes self-management education programs.

Introduction to Diabetes Class

This two-hour class is available at various PinnacleHealth campuses. The content includes healthy eating guidelines, management of acute diabetes complications and self blood glucose monitoring. Classes are free. Pre-registration is required.
Call (717) 221-6250 for more information.

Diabetes Class Series: Making the Pieces Fit

"Making the Pieces Fit" is a four-class series for people with diabetes. Learn, as a group, about food, activity, medication, complication prevention, management and how to cope with chronic disease. The classes are offered several times a year at convenient PinnacleHealth campuses. This class series is recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Health as meeting national standards.
Call (717) 221-6250 for more information.

Nutrition Class

We offer individualized nutrition education with the focus on improving blood sugar control, reducing heart disease factors and weight management. These appointments are offered at all PinnacleHealth Hospitals.

For more information, call (717) 782-2700.

Intensive Diabetes Self-Management Program (for insulin therapy)

We will work with you and your physician to help you learn how to better manage your diabetes to achieve optimal control. Learn how to make changes in your food choices, activity, insulin and possibly insulin pump therapy to achieve your best blood glucose control. A physician referral is necessary.

Call (717) 221-6272 for more information.

Diabetes and Pregnancy Education

Individualized instruction is provided by a healthcare professional. We will work with your physician to help you have a healthy baby. Instruction includes information on diabetes and pregnancy, blood glucose monitoring, low blood sugar management, activity and nutrition. Instructors are available throughout your pregnancy to assist with any concern you may have.

Specialized Diabetes Classes for Minority Groups

PinnacleHealth offers programs specially designed for unique ethnic groups, such as African-Americans, Hispanics and Vietnamese. Diabetes educators develop culture-specific educational materials to help improve diabetic care and decrease emergency visits and hospital admissions rates.

For the dates and times of these classes please visit Classes and Events.

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