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Advanced Technology

At PinnacleHealth, our surgeons are trained in the use of the most advanced technology available, providing patients with the most best possible results.

At PinnacleHealth, we consistently stay ahead of the curve by utilizing the most state-of-the-art surgical technology available, including:

Olympus Integrated Systems

Our brand new surgical suites are outfitted with the Olympus EndoALPHA integrated system, which pulls together information from a multitude of operating room components into a single interface for easier viewing and tracking.

In addition, the Olympus Integrated System allows for remote viewing of a procedure by additional physicians or specialists who may be in another part of the hospital, or another building altogether. For our surgeons, this provides the benefit of real time professional collaboration during a procedure. For our patients, it means immediate collective medical expertise focused on providing the best surgical care possible.

StealthStation® Surgical Navigation Systems

PinnacleHealth surgical suites also feature StealthStation® Surgical Navigation Systems. These systems provide advanced instrumental tracking technology, insuring that our surgeons can precisely follow the movements of their micro-instruments in real time, accounting for the anatomical shifts that occur during surgery. Particularly during orthopedic and neurological procedures, such as navigated craniotomies, this pinpoint accuracy further minimizes invasiveness and improves patient outcome.

Fusion™ ENT Navigation System

For ENT and sinus surgeries, PinnacleHealth experts utilize the Fusion™ navigation system. Featuring an electromagnetic image guided tool, this system allows our surgeons to essentially “see” the location of their instruments relative to the unique anatomical make up of a patient’s sinus spaces.

The reliable accuracy and automated instrument verification provided with the Fusion™ system means our surgeons can perform precise movements based on real time data, further insuring minimal impact and greater success rates for our patients.

RealView™ Patient Tracking System

To keep your family and friends informed while you are in surgery, PinnacleHealth utilizes the RealView™ Patient Tracking System. By displaying coded confidential patient status information on monitors located in all guest waiting areas, RealView™ keeps your loved ones continually updated on your progress throughout your time with us.

Hi-Definition Scopes and Monitors

Surgical suites at Harrisburg Hospital and Community General Hospital also feature high definition light scopes and monitors which allow our surgeons to get the clearest and most detailed view possible during a procedure. The increased viewing range afforded by high-definition monitors also allows for greater visibility around the operative site, enabling our surgeons to gather additional vital information during a procedure.

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