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Pinnacle Geriatric Associates

PinnacleHealth Geriatric Associates provides specialty healthcare for older adult patients.

PinnacleHealth Geriatric Associates provides specialty healthcare for older adult patients who may be experiencing the following types of conditions:

  • Impaired memory with or without behavioral issues
  • Falls and mobility issues
  • Frail status with multiple co morbidities and/or polypharmacy
  • Social situation of continuing concern( i.e. concerns about ability to drive or live alone)
  • Weight loss or failure to thrive
  • Palliation in the old
  • Urinary continence issues

Physician Staff

Ayesha Ahmad, MD, FACP is board certified in Geriatric Medicine and Internal Medicine. She completed her residency in Internal Medicine and her fellowship in Geriatric Medicine at SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse, NY. Dr. Ahmad served as Chief Resident in Internal Medicine after three years of residency training. She is a fellow of American College of Physicians and a member of the American Geriatrics Society.

Dr. Ahmad currently serves as Director of the Geriatric Clinic at Kline Health Center and is a faculty physician in the Department of Internal Medicine at PinnacleHealth. She also participates in the inpatient Palliative Care Program at PinnacleHealth. She is fluent in: English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi (regional).

For further information, Call (717) 614-4420.
Appointments are scheduled on Tuesdays. Referrals are required.

Contact Us

  • (717) 614-4420

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