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Senior Care

Proven Care for Older Adults from Trusted Providers

PinnacleHealth offers the programs that give seniors piece of mind.

Proven Care

Growing older has its rewards and challenges. Now, more than ever, you want to take care of yourself so you can make the most of your golden years. PinnacleHealth is here to help you do that – offering health education programs, options to help you improve your appearance, services to aid you with your changing medical needs, programs to cope with change and much more. See the links and resources on this page for more information.

NICHE Designated Hospital

We are now a NICHE Designated Hospital

Committed to patient-centered care for our older adults

WNICHEbannersmall-(1).JPGe are proud to carry the NICHE designation as a sign of our resolve to provide patient-centered care for older adults. NICHE (Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders) is the only national designation indicating a hospital's commitment to elder care excellence.

Through our participation in the NICHE program - the largest geriatric nursing program available - we are able to offer evidence-based, interdisciplinary approaches that promote positive experiences for the older adults in our care. This results in improved outcomes and greater patient and family satisfaction.  Learn more about the NICHE Program.

Primary Care for Geriatric Patients

The board-certified physicians at at our Primary Care Practices provide diagnosis, treatment and management of a variety of conditions experienced by older adult patients, including:

  • Impaired memory, with or without behavioral issues
  • Falls and mobility issues
  • Social concerns, such as ability to drive or live alone
  • Weight loss or failure to thrive
  • Palliative care
  • Urinary continence

Diagnostic services, such as mammograms, blood tests and osteoporosis scans, are offered at several convenient locations. All diagnostic procedures are coordinated by your primary care physician

Mental Wellness

Our specialized geriatric team, including a geriatric psychiatrist and a psychiatric nurse, provides an array of services. PinnacleHealth's Behavioral Services include intensive outpatient services for older adults with mental health diagnoses. Inpatient services are also available. Call (717) 221-6200 for more information.

Diagnostic and Testing

Did your doctor require you to have a blood or imaging test? PinnacleHealth has several convenient outpatient Imaging and Laboratory locations on the east and west shores.  Click on Laboratory Services (Blood Draw & Blood Donation) and Imaging (Radiology) or Call (717) 231-8900 to get help in finding a location that is most convenient for you.

Mammography Services

Mammography Services are provided at several PinnacleHealth Imaging locations on both the east and west shores. We provide comprehensive breast health services including digital mammograms, ultrasound of the breast, needle localization, needle cyst aspirations, surgical consultations and biopsies, education and breast self-exam instruction. Call (717) 231-8900 to find a mammography location that is convenient for you.

Osteoporosis Services

PinnacleHealth Imaging and   provides a full range of diagnostic and supportive services to prevent, diagnose and treat osteoporosis. We also provide DXA (Bone Density) scans, education, exercise and fall prevention guide. Check out our Osteoporosis Clinic for more information or Call (717) 231-8900 to find the closest Imaging Center to you where you can have a free bone density screening or have your family doctor schedule a DXA test to learn if your bones are healthy.




Contact Us

Need more information? Our friendly staff can assist you. To get in touch, click here or call (717) 231-8900 for more information.


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