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Pulmonary Function Lab

Our Pulmonary Diagnostic Lab, the most advanced facility in our area, is staffed by trained specialists and equipped with sophisticated technology to understand the cause of your respiratory problem.

Breathing problems can result in a variety of different types of symptoms. Some people experience shortness of breath after exertion, while others are unable to take a deep, satisfying breath under any conditions. Some people find that their breathing suddenly becomes impaired by environmental irritants such as smoke, pet dander or dust, while others have had long-standing asthma that seems to be getting worse.

Diagnostic testing is always key to understanding the root of a particular patient’s respiratory problems. In our advanced Pulmonary Diagnostic Laboratory, PinnacleHealth offers the full range of testing with the capability to diagnose any lung condition, as the first step toward effective treatment.

Our Pulmonary Diagnostic Laboratories, staffed by trained specialists, is equipped with computerized technology to enhance the diagnosis of pulmonary disease.

Uncovering the Reason Why

PinnacleHealth’s Pulmonary Diagnostic Laboratory investigates the cause of your lung condition using a variety of tests:
  • Spirometry (pre- and post- bronchodilator) – measures forced expiration. You will be asked to inhale and fill your lungs to total lung capacity and then exhale with full force into the spirometer.
  • Lung volumes – measure the amount of helium present in your lungs and also gauge the pressure in the lungs each time you take a full breath.
  • Diffusion capacity – measure how well your lungs transfer oxygen into the bloodstream and diffuse carbon dioxide from the bloodstream.
  • Exercise saturation study – evaluates how successfully you are able to get oxygen into your blood while exercising.
  • Methacholine challenge – evaluates unexplained coughing or possible asthma. You’ll have a series of spirometry tests followed by inhalation of increasing amounts of the chemical methacholine, which helps measure changes in airway function.
  • Exercise Tolerance Test – determines whether you suffer from exercise-induced asthma, which is different from asthmatic reactions caused by allergens or irritants.
  • High Altitude Hypoxia Simulation – identifies people who are at risk of hypoxia in high altitude situations, such as air travel or skiing.

Pulmonary tests are available at three PinnacleHealth facilities:

Community General Hospital
4300 Londonderry Road
Harrisburg, PA 17109
(717) 657-7172

Harrisburg Hospital
111 South Front Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101
(717) 782-3684

Polyclinic Hospital
2501 North Third Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110
(717) 782-6815

To schedule an appointment at one of our Pulmonary Function Laboratories, please call (717) 782-3684.