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Horticultural Therapy

Working in a garden or caring for plants can have important benefits for patients facing a variety of conditions. PinnacleHealth provides both indoor and outdoor horticultural therapy as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation plan.
For centuries, gardens have helped heal and encourage patients living with a variety of conditions, and for some patients, horticultural therapy (HT) is an important part of the rehabilitation plan. Horticultural therapy (HT) is engaging a patient in gardening-related activities, facilitated by a trained therapist, to achieve specific treatment goals.

Studies show that when HT is used, patients experience more enjoyment in their recovery and reduced stress and anxiety. Gardening provides cognitive, emotional, social and physical benefits; not only do people generally respond positively to plants and flowers, but working in the garden reduces stress, stimulates memory and helps you achieve rehabilitation goals like improved balance, standing for longer periods of time, using adaptive equipment or adjusting to a disability.

Specially trained physical and occupational therapists at PinnacleHealth incorporate both indoor and outdoor therapeutic gardens and gardening activities as part of a comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation plan.


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