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Aquatic Therapy

For those patients who experience pain with traditional physical therapy, aquatic therapy offers a valuable solution. By relying on the natural buoyancy of water, and by utilizing the natural resistance of movement through the water, aquatic therapy allows patients to take pressure off affected joints while increasing muscle strength. In addition, warm water helps to keep the muscles limber, allowing for greater range of motion.

At Pinnacle Health, we offer an extensive range of aquatic therapy options, lead by our highly trained team of specialists. No swimming ability is needed to perform aquatic therapy exercises. Individual and group sessions are available, with group sessions held to no more than three participants so that each individual receives one-on-one attention.

Our Care Team

Aquatic therapy services are lead by specially trained and certified physical therapists who work with each patient to conduct a thorough evaluation and develop an individualized treatment plan. Sessions are supervised by a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant, and progress updates are regularly reported to each patient’s physician. In addition to our regular staff of highly trained therapists, neurological aquatics specialists are also available at the Bloom Outpatient Center.

Our Therapeutic Pools

At Pinnacle Health, our rehabilitative pools have been designed to offer the best in aquatic therapy technology and patient care. Our goal is to provide each patient the tools they need to succeed and return to independence. To that end, our therapy pools feature:
  • Underwater treadmills, some of which raise to floor level for easy access
  • Adjustable current speed to allow for varied resistance
  • Six individually adjustable hydrotherapy jets
  • Several stainless-steel handrails throughout the pool interior
  • Multiple water depths
  • Regulated water temperatures which range 88-92 degrees Fahrenheit

In addition, our Helen M. Simpson Rehab Hospital features a state of the art HydroWorx therapy pool. Considered the world standard, the HydroWorx pool features an oversized underwater treadmill, the latest in resistance jet technology, a linked camera and computer system, and a movable floor which can be raised to allow for easy entry and exit – especially helpful for those patients who have trouble walking.

Aquatic therapy can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, including:


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