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Chronic Pain Management - Rehab Options

Chronic pain is pain which persists beyond the point at which it can be treated throughtraditional means. For those patients who experience long-term discomfort, a more collaborative, therapeutic approach may be warranted.
At PinnacleHealth, our multidisciplinary team will work with you to help control or decrease pain, while improving daily function in a supportive and caring environment. As a secondary goal, our highly trained specialists strive to enable your return to work and social activities which may have been limited by your pain.

The Care Team

The Rehab Options medical director is a physiatrist trained in the treatment of chronic pain conditions. In addition, our multidisciplinary team of professionals covers specialties which include psychology, physical therapy, vocational counseling and biofeedback. This team works together on your behalf to address the many issues related to chronic pain. Both full day and part time treatment plans are available.


Upon coming to our Rehab Options clinic, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation by a pain management psychologist and doctoral level physical therapist to determine appropriateness for the program. Once entered into the program, you will be evaluated by the medical director, who will consult with your referring physician while you are in the program.You will also be evaluated and treated by our biofeedback therapist who will help you to learn relaxation and pain management skills.


Rehab Options helps you to self-manage pain while increasing physical activity. You will learn coping, stress management and relaxation techniques while you improve physically through exercise and education. We will teach you how to perform daily activities without further injury while you increase physical fitness and body awareness. We also help you to reverse the deconditioning and generalized weakness that often occurs in the presence of chronic pain.

Therapeutic Exercises & Treatments

  • Aquatics
  • Body mechanics/posture
  • Stretching & strengthening
  • Symptom reduction modalities
  • Pilates for appropriate patients
  • Core strengthening
  • Functional activities related to job simulation
  • Biofeedback

Behavioral (psychological) Services

  • Individual sessions
  • Family sessions
  • Group sessions

Vocational evaluation and counseling

  • Job search assistance
  • Job site analysis


Individuals with the presence of persistent or chronic pain and a motivation for change are accepted. Referrals may come from physicians or other healthcare providers, rehab agencies, attorneys or patients.
For more information or to make an appointment call: (717) 791-2658. 

Contact Us


PinnacleHealth Rehabilitation Options
Fredricksen Outpatient Center
2015 Technology Parkway, 2nd Floor
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050
Phone: (717) 791-2658 Fax: (717) 791-2659


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