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Hip Replacement Surgery

PinnacleHealth surgeons are expert at the most advanced procedures for hip replacement surgery, including anterior hip replacement which preserves major muscles and improves and accelerating healing.
Hundreds of thousands of artificial hip replacement surgeries are performed yearly. Hip replacement may become necessary if activities such as walking, sitting, or even resting become painful.
The goal of hip replacement surgery is to replace the parts of the hip joint that have been damaged, and to relieve hip pain that cannot be controlled by other treatments.

Who might be a candidate for hip replacement surgery?

The most common condition that results in the need for hip replacement surgery is arthritis. Osteoarthritis, a degenerative, joint disease that affects mostly middle-aged and older adults, causes the loss of joint cartilage and adjacent bone in the hips. Rheumatoid arthritis, which causes inflammation of the synovial membrane (the lining of the joint) and results in excessive fluid, can lead to severe pain and stiffness. Traumatic arthritis, arthritis due to injury, can cause damage to the articular cartilage of the hip.

People with severe degenerative joint disease may be unable to perform normal activities that involve bending at the hip, such as walking or sitting, because they are painful.

Also, hip replacement is one method of treating a hip fracture. A fracture is a traumatic event that may result from a fall. Pain from a fracture is severe and walking or even moving the leg is difficult.

How is a hip replaced with an artificial hip joint?

The two most common types of artificial hip prostheses used in replacement surgery are cemented prostheses or uncemented prostheses.

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