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Medical Nutrition Therapy

Outpatient Services

Good nutrition is part of achieving good health.   That’s why PinnacleHealth’s Registered Dietitians are here to help you follow a diet customized to your own health needs.  From individualized counseling for specific health concerns to group classes & grocery shopping tours, you’ll find the nutritional assistance you need at PinnacleHealth.

One-On-One Nutrition Education

Medical Nutrition Therapy is provided by a Registered Dietitian for the following diagnoses or conditions:

  • Cancer Treatment
  • Celiac Disease
  • Childhood Obesity
  • Diabetes/Pre-Diabetes
  • Eating Disorders
  • Food Allergies
  • Gastrointestinal Diseases
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Kidney Disease
  • Obesity/Overweight
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Sports Nutrition
Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is nutrition counseling provided by a Registered Dietitian that includes a complete assessment of your:
  • Medical history
  • Eating habits
  • Lifestyle
  • Nutrition status
With this information, the Registered Dietitian develops a personalized plan for you.

Registered Dietitian (RD)

A Registered Dietitian is a healthcare professional who provides accurate and up-to-date nutrition information and Medical Nutrition Therapy.
A Registered Dietitian:
  • Holds a bachelor’s degree in nutrition
  • Completed an accredited practice or training program or internship.
  • Passed a national registration exam
  • Completes ongoing professional education in food and nutrition
PinnacleHealth’s Registered Dietitians are available to help you treat and prevent disease as well as improve your quality of life.  All are licensed in PA and several are Certified Diabetes Educators. 


  • Improved quality of life
  • Feel better

Hear what former clients have written about their experience with our Registered Dietitians:
“After my appointment I was more informed of my dietary needs…”
“Best health-related help I’ve received in years!”
“I thought I knew how & what to eat…. well I knew very little… Thank you very much!”
“This session was very beneficial… it has helped me implement the knowledge gained in improving my eating habits”

Community Health Education Programs

Registered Dietitians are involved in all of the following community health programs:

  • Diabetes Education Classes
  • Eat Smart Play Smart (Kids Weight Management Program)
  • Grocery Shopping Tours

PinnacleHealth Programs

Registered Dietitians participate in the following PinnacleHealth Clinics and Programs:

  • Cardiac Rehab
  • Diabetes Clinic
  • Heart Failure Center
  • Pre-Natal Clinic
  • Radiation Therapy Program
  • REACCH Program
Support Groups:
  • Diabetes
  • SPOHNC (Support for Persons with Head & Neck Cancer)

Scheduling an Appointment

Looking for help managing your diet or seeking healthy eating tips?   Schedule an appointment with a PinnacleHealth Registered Dietitian.  Call one of the phone numbers below for the location that is most convenient for you.
Nutrition Services are frequently covered by health insurance.  Please contact your insurance company for specific benefit information.
PinnacleHealth locations for Outpatient Dietitian services:
Harrisburg Campus
Phone:  (717 )221-6258
Polyclinic Campus
Phone:  (717) 782-2700
Community Campus
Phone:  (717)657-7301
Fredricksen Out-Patient Center
Phone:  (717) 221-6258
East Shore or West Shore FamilyCare Centers
Phone:  (717) 221-6258

PinnacleHealth’s Registered Dietitians also participate in Community Wellness Education Programs on nutrition-related topics as planned & arranged through PinnacleHealth’s Corporate/Community Wellness Department and can be reached at (717) 231-8993.

Contact Us

To learn more about Nutrition Therapy services at PinnacleHealth, call us at (717) 221-6258.

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