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Emergency Departments

You can’t prepare for an emergency, and it certainly isn’t something you think about daily; however, PinnacleHealth’s Emergency and Urgent Care Departments are prepared to care for you and your loved ones should a crisis occur.

From the moment you dial 9-1-1 or enter the ER, our skilled medical technicians, doctors, nurses and staff already are at 04342-WSHemergency-039.jpgwork to ensure you receive the best possible care.

Whether it’s code STEMI communication between the ambulance and hospital, allowing us to rapidly evaluate, prepare and treat heart attack patients (averaging a 55-minute door-to-balloon time) or comforting and treating a child who may have fallen off playground equipment, expect the kind of compassion and immediate attention you and your family expect and deserve during an emergency.

Emergency Departments

In order to further meet the medical needs of our ever-growing community, PinnacleHealth invested in a brand new hospital on the West Shore that provides Emergency Services.

You have access to Emergency Care at the Following Hospitals:

Every minute counts. Count on PinnacleHealth for your emergency needs.