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Lead and Healthy Homes Program

The Lead and Healthy Homes Program (LHHP) seeks to create safe and healthy housing by addressing environmental health and safety issues in homes. When hazards are present in a home, they can affect the health of the occupants, particularly those most vulnerable such as children and seniors. 

Some home conditions contribute to asthma development or illness, including mold, mildew, dust mites, pests and pet dander. When these allergens are reduced or eliminated, thereby reducing asthma triggers, children have fewer and milder symptoms. Lead paint and the dust that results from the breakdown of the paint, can lead to serious health issues, including decrease in IQ, ADD, ADHD, coma and even death. Other home conditions that can lead to illness or injury are safety hazards, carbon monoxide and radon. 
Pennsylvania's diverse landscape of rural and urban communities includes some of the oldest housing in the nation. Indoor environmental health and safety hazards tend to be found disproportionately in older and substandard housing. Lead paint was not banned until 1978; therefore, many of Pennsylvania's homes hold potentially hazardous sources of lead exposure.
The purpose of the Lead and Healthy Homes Program is to reduce hospitalizations, injuries, illnesses, or deaths from preventable home health or safety risks. This program aims to address multiple hazards in homes and prevent diseases and/or injuries that result from housing-related hazards by:
  • Conducting comprehensive home assessments to identify potential hazards;
  • Providing education and interventions to prevent health or safety problems before negative outcomes occur;
  • Coordinating follow-up medical care in the event that health conditions are identified;
  • Establishing or strengthening local partnerships to reduce health and safety risks in homes;
  • Collaborating with appropriate enforcement agencies to enforce existing regulations that address healthy housing issues.

Seven Principles of Healthy Housing

Keep it… 
  • Dry - Safe
  • Clean - Contaminant-free
  • Pest-free - Maintained 
  • Ventilated 

PinnacleHealth Lead and Healthy Homes Program serves the South Central, North Central, and Northeast Districts of Pennsylvania. For more information, contact the PinnacleHealth Lead and Healthy Homes Program at 1-800-374-7114 or (717) 782-6442.