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Blood Donation

Interested in donating blood at PinnacleHealth? Blood carries oxygen, nutrients and waste throughout the body and helps fight infections and heal wounds. Losing large amounts of blood can have devastating consequences—even death. That’s why blood donation is important: it saves lives, and donating blood is safe and easy.

Who can donate?

Anyone 16 years of age or older, weighing more than 110 pounds and in good health are eligible. Donors are asked a few additional questions to ensure everyone’s safety. You can donate blood every eight weeks (56 days).

What happens?

Blood donation takes under an hour, from start to finish. Donors begin the process with a brief interview, followed by a mini-physical where temperature, blood pressure and pulse are checked. Blood is also screened for anemia. Next, actual blood donation begins, and about one pint of blood is taken. Following donation, donors rest, enjoy light refreshments and are free to resume their daily activities.

When and where?

We invite you to donate blood at the PinnacleHealth Harrisburg Campus. Our blood donation bank is located in the Alex Grass Medical Sciences Building, on the corner of Second and Chestnut Streets. This new, comfortable facility offers a spectacular bird’s eye view of Harrisburg’s Market Square. Free parking is available underneath this building (space is limited).

Hours for the Harrisburg Campus donor center are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m.–5:30 p.m. For more information about blood donation or to make an appointment, please call  (717) 782-5723.

Contact Us

Need more information? Our friendly staff can assist you. To get in touch, call (717) 782-5723  for more information.

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