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Children's Resource Center (CRC) - Child Advocacy Center

The Children's Resource Center, located in Harrisburg, PA, provides efficient, quality care in a safe, child-friendly environment for children suspected of having been abused or neglected. By bringing together agencies including child protection services, social services, and victim advocacy, the CRC can ensure a child-focused approach to child abuse cases.

Setting the Standard for Care at CRC

The CRC is a full member of the National Children's Alliance, a not-for-profit national organization whose mission is to provide training, technical assistance and networking opportunities to communities seeking to plan, establish and improve Children's Advocacy Centers, such as Children’s Resource Center. Our center is one of 19 functioning member centers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We are a non-profit agency in the Department of Pediatrics of PinnacleHealth. Children's Advocacy Centers offer a comprehensive approach to services for victims and their families.

What the CRC Provides

  • Medical evaluation and forensic interviews
  • Community awareness, education and prevention programs on issues related to child abuse and family violence
  • Facilitation of case review and multidisciplinary team meetings.
  • Consultation on child pornography or complex medical cases with investigative agencies.
  • Professional trainings
For additional information, please call (717) 782-6800.

Contact Us

  • (717) 782-6800

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