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Children's Resource Center (CRC) - Child Advocacy Center

The PinnacleHealth Children’s Resource Center (CRC) located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is a child advocacy center dedicated to reducing the trauma and aftermath of abuse for children and their families.  The CRC provides efficient, quality care in a safe, child-friendly environment for children suspected of having been abused or neglected.
PinnacleHealth Children's Resource CenterThe PinnacleHealth Children’s Resource Center (CRC) is one of the first nationally accredited child advocacy centers in Pennsylvania.  Opened in 1994, the CRC has provided services to over 9,500 children suspected of having been physically or sexually abused or neglected or who have witnessed violence in their home or community.  The CRC conducts forensic interviews of children in a non-leading, non-suggestive manner, provides medical exams to ensure the health and safety of the child, and connects the child and their non-offending caregiver to mental health services.  The CRC is housed in Dauphin County and serves children in Cumberland, Perry, Lebanon, Schuylkill, Mifflin, Juniata, Bedford and Blair Counties.

Mission and Values

The Children's Resource Center is dedicated to reducing the occurrence and aftermath of child abuse, thereby 
The PinnacleHealth Children's Resource Center
improving the health, welfare, and safety of children and families in Central Pennsylvania.
  • Respect, honor, and advocacy for the rights of children.
  • Recognition and respect for the diversity of the community.
  • Involvement of the family as an essential and integral element in the healing process.
  • Collaboration with partner agencies to find the truth, always focusing on the best interests of the child.
  • Promotion of awareness of child abuse through education.
  • Commitment to continued learning for all associates of the Children's Resource Center

Contact Us

Need more information? Our friendly staff can assist you. Call (717) 782-6800 for more information.

No family incurs costs for services provided by the Children's Resouce Center. A small gift from you can have a large impact on the services the CRC provides to children in our comminity.  

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