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Orthopedics Newsletter Friday, July 03, 2015

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Orthopedics Newsletter Friday, July 03, 2015

Never Ignore An Injury

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Understanding Your Injury

The amount of pain experienced from strains, sprains and breaks can often times be the same, leaving people unsure of what injury has just occurred. The most assuring way to know what injury you have is to see a doctor right away. Each injury gets treated in a unique way, and has different limitations of how long you must rest. In case of a future injury, check out this guide that explains breaks, strains, sprains, and prevention methods.

Preventing ACL Injuries

ACL stands for anterior curciate ligament, and is located in the center of the knee connecting the femur and tibia. An injury to this ligament is very serious. People who play high impact sports that involve pivoting, jumping, landing, and twisting are at the highest risk of stretching or tearing their ACL. Click to learn more about ACL injuries.

Tennis Elbow, Explained

Tennis elbow is a common injury that affects the extensor carpi radialis muscles and the epicondyle of the bone. This injury gets it's name because the motion of hitting backhand in tennis causes strain on the tendons surrounding the elbow, resulting in pain in the elbow and wrist. Read more about tennis elbow in this article.

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